Meet The Faces Behind Integrated Tutoring

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I’m Zahraa Amhaz, and along with my sister, Rim Amhaz, are the proud co-owners of Integrated Tutoring.

I look forward to sharing our story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know us better.

As students, we experienced the struggles of not understanding what was happening in class and felt we needed extra prep before exams. However, we did not always get the support we desired and had to come up with study techniques of our own.

When these techniques proved successful, we began to tutor other children while still in high school. Seeing participants understand the material we were explaining gave us joy, so we decided to expand our services to help more students excel at school.

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance of receiving a good education, regardless of their gender, age, or race. Consequently, our vision is to use the skills and expertise that we’ve collected over the years to render access to better educational opportunities.

Over the past eight years of conducting personal tutoring, we’ve noticed that every student has a unique way of studying. Hence, our business philosophy is to conduct a personalized approach that helps them to imbibe the curriculum in their own way.

We love teaching, and I feel what sets us apart from the others is our empathy, honesty, and accountability, which has enhanced our integrity. I also attribute our success to the dedication, and perseverance we maintain, to render a high level of support.

When students breeze through the examinations, they experience relief and happiness. Empowering students to get to that stage is the most enjoyable part of tutoring, as we realize how important education is to succeed in life.

Seeing students enjoy learning and improve tremendously at school, as a result of using our personalized study techniques is rewarding. It’s also immensely satisfying when they refer us to their family and friends.

When we are not tutoring, our hobbies include sports such as swimming, hiking, and walking. We also enjoy reading, and watching TV shows and movies.

I have enjoyed sharing our story about the things which matter to us and how they influence the way we do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise as one-on-one tutors in Montreal, Laval, and Ottawa, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at


Zahraa and Rim