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    My time with integrated tutoring really helped me reach my full potential in school. All I had to do was get a little help in order to succeed. The tutors I worked with were fantastic. They were patient and knew exactly how to explain a problem in order for me to understand. Thanks to them my marks are higher than I would have ever expected. Rim and Zahraa were even able to help me with more than one subject. I received help in physics, calculus, chemistry and English. The tutors at integrated tutoring are very well rounded and honestly the best tutors I have come by. They are willing to go as slow as needed and always put your academic needs first. They are always punctual when meeting up for our tutoring session and I am glad to have found this company.

    Rana Amhaz
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    I started tutoring with Rim before she started the company. Reem helped me greatly in trying to better understand the math homework I struggled with. She was extremely friendly and patient with me while teaching me the subject. She shows me different ways to approach the problems without panicking. As a result of studying with her, my understanding has improved and my results for my math class have gotten better. I then continued with her after she established Integrated Tutoring and it is the best decision I have done. I recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor, or even just help with how to study and best approaches. She is amazing.
    Clara Kilendji
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    I want to firstly say, I’ve been having tutor after tutor for Physics for quite a long time but was never able to properly learn the material with the previous tutors I had but after starting tutoring with Zahraa, I honestly improved so much and learnt a lot, and now I’m doing really well. I started tutoring with her before Integrated Tutoring and continued with her afterwards. She is super chill, patient and makes sure you understand everything. She even showed me how to study and improved my time management skills. She was able to show me ways on how to do everything I love and still have time to do my homework and study. I think that’s why I improved a lot. Honestly, I recommend Integrated Tutoring if you need a tutor. Honestly, they’re G’s.
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    The tutor I got helped me to understand better what I’m learning in class and really helped me with my assignments and tests. I needed help with Calculus. I had a meeting with the company and then I got matched with a tutor. The tutor was amazing, and he helped me really reach my full potential. I started with Integrated Tutoring because I tutored with Zahraa before for my English MELS exam. She helped me understand and perform well on my exam. I then decided to use her company for Calculus, and it was no disappointment. I have achieved my goals in school and with their help. I recommend Integrated tutoring for anyone who wants to succeed in school.
    Renad Salah
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    I hired this company for my son. He is in grade 8 and needed help with French strengthening and math. They held an introductory session and explained the process and then mentioned that for my son’s best benefit, they will match him with 2 different tutors. They even explained how my son is struggling with math because he was still at the grade 7 level. The math tutor was essential to help him catch up. She gave him additional resources and worksheets to help him get back on track. The French tutor was marvelous and extremely patient. He strengthens both his writing and conversational skills. Granted that my son had to have extra sessions at the beginning, but it was not a waste after I saw the motivation and confidence level rise along with his grades and performance at school. I recommend their tutoring services to anyone looking for help.

    Moukarram Abdul-Sater
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    As I’ve interacted and come to know Zahraa and Reem, I can whole heartedly say that these are two of the best and hardest working people I’ve met in some time. The atmosphere and rapport that they create with their clients allows you to bring up any problems or questions you may have; all with the ease of knowing that they will not judge or think your question is dumb, and will instead do their very best to answer everything! They are both very intelligent and know their stuff, while still being able to communicate what’s in their heads to you in a comprehensive way that’s easy for you, the client, to understand for yourself! Definitely recommend them!

    Jonah Lefurgey